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Promotes weight loss, raises your energy level, helps prevent postpartum depression, improves cardiovascular fitness and restores muscle strength

Post Partum Pilates/Yoga

Pilates/Yoga is an great way to aide your body and mind with recovery after birth

Your postpartum body needs to recover from the changes it had undergone during pregnancy and the birth itself as most mothers experience some physical weakness after pregnancy and may have a loss in stamina, experience muscle or joint pain and chronic exhaustion. Pilates/Yoga brings about endurance and will gently and slowly strengthen the muscles and joints back to their original strength whilst gradually gaining core strength and stamina

Something you will need is calmness to manage not only your recovery but also dealing with a new baby. Pilates/Yoga emphasises breathing which is very beneficial to creating calm. And furthermore, as you learn how to breathe deeply, you will be improving your core abdominal muscles allowing more oxygen into your body and therefore vitality

Pilates/Yoga practice improves circulation and brings about flexibility in the body thereby strengthening it

Doing something for yourself is important and because pilates/yoga affects how you feel about your body in a positive way, giving you confidence and allowing you to deal with stress and challenges more easily.

Apart from helping you feel calm, pilates/yoga is also beneficial in reducing pain and fatigue associated with childbirth and taking care of your new-born. Nursing and carrying your baby can be demanding, taking its toll on your body resulting in back aches, pain, and fatigue. As you practice pilates/yoga regularly, you will be relieving your body from aches and pains.

During pregnancy your belly grows and changes causing a shift in your centre of gravity and if your ab muscles are not strong, your lower back has to work more, resulting in pain and strain in that area. After pregnancy, your lower back and abdominal muscles will also be stretched as you carry your new-born and take care of other household chores. Pilates/Yoga improves the posture by working on the abdominal area, gently bringing the abs back to where they were before pregnancy. And with stronger abs, you have a better posture and less pressure on your lower back thereby alleviating lower back pain

Postpartum pilates/yoga is also a great way to meet up with other mothers who are going through the same experience and the support and camaraderie is invaluable as you face the challenges of being a new mother

Whether you chose pilates/yoga or something else to aide your recovery, the most important thing is to spend some time on yourself. It is easy to be so overwhelmed by being a new mother that you forget to take care of yourself.

Although pilates/yoga is incredible in relieving stress and discomfort after birth, it is important that you consult with your doctor before you embark on any exercise as we are all unique and your body may not be ready straightaway