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Corporate Services

Team building at the office

Get your team moving with our uniquely designed WellnessPackage. We require three hours of your team’s time to motivate them in all aspects of healthy living. The package includes the following:
Warm up session
Talk by Physiotherapist (causes of lower back pain, posture at the work place)
Yoga Class
Talk by Nutrition coach (healthy eating during the work day)
Pilates Class
Stretching and mediation session

Kindly contact us for more details regarding our Corporate Team building WellnessPackage.

Pilates at your office
Get your staff moving and stretching in their lunch break to prevent back and neck pain and other injuries associated with sitting at a desk all day.

Price is dependent on location and instructor availability.

once a week
twice a week


If you don’t have the time to commit to regular pilates classes or want to supplement your training, we can do an assessment to establish your individual needs and goals and devise a personalised pilates exercise programme that you can do independently at home.

A comprehensive printed programme with detailed explanations and diagrams of each exercise makes home exercise easy and straightforward.

Reviews every 2 months are ideal so that the exercise can be updated as you progress.