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Michelle Marais came part of my life just over 2 years ago as Pilates instructor and owner of Back to Basics. She has changed my life. I never liked exercise, but started Pilates more than 4 years ago. At that stage, I still had to motivate myself to attend my 2 classes per week. Then Michelle became part of my life …..! I am now doing 3 classes per week, sometimes even 4 (would have done more if time allowed) and this is why. Michelle is my caretaker of body and soul.
 With her absolute sparkling personality, she has made Pilates fun, always let me feel special with emphases on how good I am, taking care of my body. With her there is always laughter, even during touch times, always focusing my mind on the positive, caring and fun part of life. Always changing a negative situation into a positive. Always emphasising how blessed I am and I am thankful that she is part of my life. She is creative! Not just with regard to her exercise plans for classes which is always different, always adding something new, something challenging, never a boring moment. Everything she does in her studio reflects her creativity and how organised she is.
 She created a beautiful, tranquil environment. She always celebrate life, be it cancer month, mad socks day, dental hygiene ….! She does this with enthusiasm and creativity (raffles, apples for us, flowers in the studio, beautiful and positive sayings, reminders of events in life, a rose for Mother’s day, too many to mention). And then the fresh mint/lemon/cucumber/strawberry water ……! I always feel spoiled. This makes me look forward going to her and her studio every day.
Through her spontaneity, her vibrant spirit and caring, she has changed exercise into fun. With her, I do not just get exercise for my body, but for my soul as well. The amount of fun and laughter I experience being with her, makes an hour in her class seems like nothing, all of us participating in conversation, laughter and yes, while exercising. She and her Studio make my soul/spirit feel happy and good! Laughter is the best medicine in the world! She is professional and organised in every aspect of her business!
Every one of her instructors is a benefit to her studio, want me to go back to each class. The booking system, the billing system, all works smoothly. The way she informs us as “clients” of possible changes, new classes/times to be scheduled, is always done in such a professional, but creative way which again reflect on her beautiful and sparkling personality. I could not have asked for a better carer of my body and my soul! She and her Studio is one of my happy places. That is why I call her My Happy Tonic! May you and your Studio be part of my life for many, many years to come!
Mariechen Grobbelaar

Mariechen Grobbelaar

To whom it may concern, I was diagnosed with a ruptured spinal disk and tendon calcification of the right shoulder 7 years ago. These two physical conditions crippled me of the active lifestyle I was accustomed to. They robbed me of the exercise routine I was used to and challenged my life in many ways. Something as little as a leisure beach walk was not taken for granted nor was the ability to make a bed or tie up my hair as I wriggled in pain to achieve some of these things at times. Michelle and her classes came highly recommended to me by a very close friend who had been with Michelle for 2 years and she herself had found tremendous health benefits through her experience at Back 2 Basics. I had always been a gym bunny prior to my injury. I had also done yoga for many years and over this period I was trained by numerous instructors but never had I become hooked, nor found great benefit from any of the classes.  So because of that, at first I was sceptical to the recommendation and contemplated on the idea over a number of months and one day I picked up the courage to brave Michelle’s class and have never looked back! Over the past few months I look forward to my classes, they have become the highlight of my week, which is something I had never experienced before. I know that not only am I honouring time to myself by attending classes, but I also know that I walk out of Michelle’s class mentally, physically and spiritually recharged every single time, In the short months which I have been attending 2, sometimes 3 x classes weekly I have become a different person. I have regained my life. I am able to hike up mountains, run, and swim, perform general house chores, get myself into positions I never thought possible, am toned and much more and all without any discomfort what so ever. Generally speaking, l once again live a normal life free of pain and without having had to undergo the shoulder and back surgery which was supposed to have been my only option. My fitness level has increased tenfold, my stamina has peaked and my self-esteem has returned. Michelle is one phenomenal woman.  As an instructor she is fun loving, she is professional,  she holds impeccable attention to the individual’s needs, our classes are fun filled, never boring  nor repetitive, carefully planned out and sadly the hour ends too quickly. My dedication to Michelle’s classes comes from her dedication to us and I would like to share the fact that my husband and I were looking at relocating due to quality of life.  We have a 9 yr old boy and as a family planned to move to Riebeeck Kasteel a few weeks ago, needless to say we did not move. One of the determining factors and reason why we did not go through with our move came after taking stock of what was important to us here. We realized that giving up certain friends  as well as me giving up  Michelle - Back 2 Basics classes and hubby giving up his gym were not going to bring us happiness, so we stayed…..Michelle ROCKS MY WORLD and God willing we have a happy & long Pilates road together ahead of us. I am truly honoured to have Michelle as my instructor and I am forever indebted to her professional and passionate approach which in turn has given me my life back. Namaste Paula Rehder 22 Saasveld Street, Table view 7441 Mobile: 083 275 2619 14 October 2017

Paula Rehder

  14 October 2017 To whom it may concern, I have worked closely with Michelle and the Back to Basics team for 2 years.  As a physiotherapist, I often refer my patients for pilates there as I know they will be well looked after and can safely undertake their rehab exercises with the well trained instructors. Back to Basics provides a personal and extremely organised and professional service. Michelle is very passionate about her business and her attention to detail is outstanding. I would highly recommend Back to Basics. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. Yours sincerely, Katherine Tait BSc(hons) MCSP Unit 2 College House, Village Place, Parklands, Cape Town. 7441. www.tableviewphysio.com   info@tableviewphysio.com 021 557 5593 Pr no: 0377813

Katherine Tait BSc(hons) MCSP

To whom it may concern: I started my Pilates journey with Michelle Marais in February 2014. I heard about this lady giving lessons on the beach in Bloubergstrand and one day I just showed up. I used to do Pilates before in the early 2000s and here I was 10 years later with so many aches and pains because of being diagnosed with Arthritis in the spine. Michelle made me fill out an assessment form and we took it from there. I showed up 3 times a week and just loved the way she taught the class. When the weather started changing, we needed to find another venue and Michelle offered up her TV room in her house for her clients. Needless to say, I was the only one that followed and suddenly I was having personalised classes. Michelle’s lessons with me was carefully planned and every week she came up with something different. She pushed me and encouraged me and never did I feel that I couldn’t do it. At the end of 2014, she was so proud of how far I had come. By then, I had started working in Sea Point and also moved to town. Every week before work, I travelled to Parklands from Cape Town to attend my Pilates class. We built up such a special relationship that I wouldn’t think of finding another teacher. When she opened Back to Basics, she made sure that I had a spot at the studio and we still had personalised classes instead of me just joining a class. That is how much Michelle cares for her clients. We have even incorporated walking into our class and this has made such a difference. I have been with Michelle for almost 4 years now and she loves what she does. Her studio is her pride and joy and everyone is made to feel welcome. Every month she has a different theme to raise awareness for a certain cause and that is what makes Michelle so special. Every class is a good workout and no class is ever the same. She really makes exercising fun and even though I work and live in Parow now, every week I get up and drive through the traffic just so that I can get my Pilates fix. Jacinta Avontuur 0824969729 javontuur@gmail.com Jacinta.Avontuur@capetown.gov.za

Jacinta Avontuur

Michelle is a vibrant woman who always brings new life into any situation. She prides herself in giving each person outstanding service as a business owner. Helping out and walking the extra mile for others is never too much for Michelle. She is an extremely organised person and always has all her ducks in a row. This makes it easy to work with her or even work for her. She is very driven towards success and thus put a lot of time and hard work into her business without letting go of her responsibilities towards her family. As a Physiotherapist I have had the opportunity to work in a close relation with Michelle. Her ability to treat all around her with respect and compassion is outstanding. She can also be described as a fair and just person, but likes a good joke on its time. Michelle always find new ways to lighten up the physical appearance of the business, which makes it delightful to walk into the doors. As a whole Michelle can be described as a vibrant, driven, hardworking and compassionate individual.

Amore Barry