The experience was very relaxing and enjoyable. I never knew I did not know how to breathe correctly. It also taught me a de-stressing method which can be applied in a matter if minutes.

Brandon Africa

It was a unique experience. I had a lot of fun and found it very calming. Looking forward to more lessons.

Joshua Ross

The experience was fun and relaxing. What I had experienced was not what I had expected. The breathing exercises were very relaxing.

Danae De Kock

It was really nice. I really enjoyed it.I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards. I also learned how to connect with myself if I feel conflicted or tense. I learned the necessity of silence and how important it really is.

Minnie Qolo

It was definitely something new! Loads of fun. Very calming and relaxing, but not as easy as it looks, and your breathing is vital. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga.

Tara Africa

I enjoyed it. It was definitely a big surprise and a well prepared one. The yoga session helped me to relax. I want yoga to stay, it should in my opinion replace the PE/sport lesson. It is a very powerful tool that can be used in our school because it is a stress reliever and it is enjoyable.

Ange Dongmo

I really enjoyed the yoga, it did come as a shock, but a great one. It helped to calm me down and was very relaxing. I am looking forward to more of this in the near future.